Fix your Bow Torque with the “Torqueless”

I was watching my friend shoot his bow and noticed a lot of bow torque when he shot his bow. He didn’t see it at all and so I installed a “torqueless” on the front of his bow and screwed one of his arrows to it for an indicator and had him shoot again.

This time I had him watch the end of the indicator arrow so that he could see for himself how much torque he really had. It’s hard to fix a problem that you don’t know that you have. He was gripping his bow way too hard and so first of all I suggested that he purchase and install a wrist strap and slide his hand in very loosely.

One suggestion that I had to train yourself to grip consistently was to fold your little finger and your ring finger into the palm to allow the grip of your bow to rest on your thumb pad.

I did this for a while until it became natural and consistent. The key is relaxation in the hand and forearm with a slightly bent elbow. The torqueless will let you know when you have a nice smooth relaxed release with no torque.